I have been using Eyeko for many years when it looked like this, the tube on the right.

eyeko-mascaraThere was also small chubby lip balms that were raspberry (a deep red stain) and mint (clear) flavoured, nail varnishes and other makeup sets.


I had a nail varnish which was clear and contained holographic star sequins and a small roll of blotting paper in a pink container. It was always exciting to try something new from Eyeko.

A few years ago Eyeko became predominately mascara focused with the Skinny Brush still in the collection, joined with the Fat brush and Curvy brush. Now there are more eyeliners, cream stick eyeshadows, brow products and this year custom mascaras, which is really exciting.

black-magic eyeko-brow-gel


My current favourites are Black Magic mascara, the Me and My Shadow Taupe Eye shadow (doesn’t crease and lasts really well) and the Brow Gel. I just have to be careful when picking up each tube that I don’t mistake the brow gel as mascara, especially when I don’t have my glasses on.

Find Eyeko at www.eyeko.com , www.qvcuk.com or check out Harvey Nichols for their Bespoke service.


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