Make Up – What I use

Make Up – What I use
Make up, like hair can make you feel a bit better about facing the world. Whether it makes you feel in control and confident going into an important meeting or happier because you are wearing a new lipstick. This is quite a long post.

I have always been fascinated seeing the contents of my Mum’s dressing table and the exciting packaging of makeup and hair products. The smell of Dior & Clinique lipsticks are Mum as well as the fuchsia pink she wore in the 90s and now it’s pinks and nudes. As a little girl, I remember watching her in fascination as she applied a green cream to her face with a funny dabbing stick to help counteract the redness in her skin. This would also be whilst she was doing her hair in heated rollers and then curling my fringe and bobbed hair under.  (I’m still fascinated when she does her make up.) She is also my main source of information for hair as she’s a registered hairdresser. Her hairdressing box filled with endless amounts of many variety of combs, scissors, grips, clips, curlers, setting lotions, curlers, curlers and their elastics for perming and several cans of Elnett and mousse.

My Grandmother’s cabinet of make up was limited but always perfect in the green and white marbled packaging of Clinique blushes and the silver, ridged casing of the lipsticks usually pink. When I would stay with her she would let me do her make up in the morning. I would sit on her lap and gently be guided what to apply and where. I think I was pretty cautious and she never had to redo it but perhaps add a little more blush her and there.

There’s my auntie who seems to apply her make up in a flash and it is always perfect. I remember watch her doing her make up in a car and combing her eye lashes with a metal comb. I watched in pure amazement and shock at seeing her with something that looked so dangerous, but in her professional hands looked effortless

My makeup has been influenced by these woman and over the last 10 years since the advent of YouTube. I have Lisa Eldridge, Ruth Crilley and Pixiwoo’s Nic and Sam who have introduced me to new and innovative products. Most days I wear little or no make up depending what is going on but when I do wear make up it has to feel right and not smell too strongly. I am aware most of the products are high end but I want to be careful what I am putting on my skin.

My own beginnings of my make up collection started with being taken to the Space NK counter at Harvey Nichols as a birthday treat. I started late with applying make up to myself but I was always interested in it on other people and the 1980s books about.

I was introduced to Becca and Stila. These were new brands at the time to the UK and at the beginning of the 2000s it was exciting. I was asked if I preferred shimmer or matt make up and I chose shimmer. As a base I was given a Becca Tinted moisturiser in Sand, which they don’t do any more and was really hard to find, a loose Becca powder in Bisque which was so fine and the two together were brilliant and had staying power. For cheeks I had a pressed shimmer blusher in Gypsy and here it is.


It shattered many years ago and it now lives in a sealed plastic bag to prevent it dusting everything in pink. It is shot through with a gold shimmer and is so pretty. There is a mineral blush in Gypsy that Becca still do.

My eyes had Stila applied to them. First a based of the now iconic eyeshadow Kitten and then an Eye Glaze in Lily, a purple, over the mobile lid. The purple is a bit like the purple in the new Chanel summer collection.

stila-kitten  stila-eye-glaze

This isn’t the same kitten pan but a new one inserted into the old packaging and I no longer use the eye glaze as it really is a bit old. I do like the delivery system.

The two brushes I had are still ones I use now and after a decade of use and cleaning and reshaping they are still brilliant. The first is a massive Becca face brush number 16 and the other is a double ended Stila eye shadow brush number 15 (first 2).


The third brush in the photo is a Salon Services blending brush, the fourth and fifth along are Real Techniques brushes which are created by Pixiwoo. The first is the blush brush and the second is the stippling brush both bought from Boots. I had seen them used in tutorials and got them to see what they were like. They are at a brilliant price point and beautifully balanced. The bristles are extremely soft and feel special to use.

The final brush is a Mac 217, a Lisa Eldridge inspired purchase as I needed a proper blending brush. Expensive but like the Becca and Stila brushes I know it will last forever if looked after.

foundations laura-geller-fair

Foundations – the one I use regularly is the first one which is by Laura Geller’s Balance and Brighten in Fair ( I have really pale skin). It’s a cream which is baked and has many colours marbled together that colour correct. It can be a gentle swish across the skin or applied more generously as a concealer.  I found Laura Geller at QVCUK.

The next is Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in no 10, it is light weight and saved for important occasions – then a bit of balance and brighten is dusted over the T zone. I like the lighter coverage and it still shows my freckles.

The one on the end is a pressed powder in Bisque from Becca which is always there just in case.


I prefer a light smokey eye as my eyes as dark brown and I wear glasses. It is also easy to do as I still haven’t mastered the feline flick. I use the No 7 eyeshow trio (the oval palette) in Good Earth. The Chanel Palette is from a couple of Christmas’ ago in Charming and was another Lisa Eldridge purchase as I loved the colours: 4 matt and one sparkly. This is the tutorial which inspired this purchase and as you can see get used only on special occasions.

One of the newest purchases is the Eyeko Me and My Shadow in Taupe. This came in a set from Eyeko from QVCUK and was brilliant value with 2 mascaras, brow gel, make up wipes and Eye Do liquid eyeliner which is kept upside down so it doesn’t dry out.


Mascaras – it is either Black Magic from Eyeko which has a curved bristle wand and Chanel Inimitable Intense in 10 Noir with a soft, flexible elastomer wand which is a strange feeling to use. Both leave my lashes looking very long and defined.


Eyeliner is a real tricky one as I’m searching for my ultimate one but these are the two which are working well at the moment. The top one is a Laura Geller Inkcredible Waterproof Gel eyeliner is extremely black and doesn’t move. I like that it’s a gel and has a sharpener in the base. The other is Chanel Stylo Yeux Waterproof in Ebene – it is a softer dark grey but again it doesn’t move and has the sharpener in the base too.

The best thing with both of these eyeliners is that they do not move when the set. I also like the look of the Laura Mercier liners.


This is a tinted brow gel which was also in the Eyeko collection I got from QVCUK and it does tame the unruly eyebrows especially when there is a stubborn

This blush is pretty special and it’s a Chanel Joues Contraste in 72 Rose Initial a peachy pink with a very small amount of shimmer and smells of roses which I wasn’t expecting. It is a light wash of colour which can be built up.


Finally lips, usually it is lip balm but when I want to look polished it is either the Clinique Chubby stick in Woppin’ Watermelon or Pudgy Peony. The other is a Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Romance which also smells like roses. I’m trying out more lipsticks and this is a nice introduction.

 I do try and experiment every so often but I like to go back to the look which makes me look polished.

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