September/October Favourites

Having two months in one (no photos as the house is upside down) –

Chanel Le Volume de Chanel Mascara in Noir (£25) – I love a mascara and this was a treat as I saw several beauty bloggers rating it highly. It has one of those moulded mascara wands which I have been trying to like but this wand is actually good. The formula is lovely and dark and creates a perfect frame of long thick lashes. For me, it holds a curl after curling my lashes.

Neal’s Yard Argan Oil (£17.50 for 50ml) – brilliant stuff. Quite a light weight oil which is economical to use as a little goes a long way. Hands, face, elbows, knees and mixed with other oils like rosehip oil or to add a little extra oomph to a nighttime cream (especially at this time of year). It also looks pleasing when displayed with other bottles. It’s a bit like an apothecary. It also has a light nutty smell which is a change from Jojoba or almond oil.

OGX hydrating Tea tree mint shampoo on offer at Boots – a new discovery and it’s good to wake up for the senses. The shampoo smells of After Eight chocolates. There is the undertones of the earthy tea tree. I’ve scanned the ingredient list and initially it looks promising and no sodium laurel sulphate. It’s a lovely thick consistency so a little goes a long way and hair isn’t left squeaky clean just clean. It does need a conditioner afterwards otherwise I’d be a massive tangle of hair.

The Wet brush price varies – This is my everyday brush to detangle my hair before/after washing for about 3 years. I have two sorts one which has slightly shorter bristles and the other is longer. The longer one deals with my thick, slightly wavy, waist length hair – where the shorter bristles don’t seem to get in the hair the same way. The shape of the brush is nice and sits well in the hand. It’s also a good brush to use well a blow dry my hair if I don’t have my Denman brush to hand.

Boots Bite & Sting Relief Antihistamine Cream £3.69 – this stuff is invaluable to me. I get bitten by a bug which results in very angry red bites, which are about the size of a 10p and the redness/scarring stays for about 3-4 months. When I do get bitten (it’s not if, it’s when) I do a two pronged attack by taking an antihistamine and apply this cream (or similar). The cream helps calm the itching and cools the area slightly.

Feline Favourites

Johnson’s Puppy & Kitten shampoo £1.66 not including postage – our 18 month old cat is extremely allergic and accident prone. From the day he arrived he had a very iffy tummy. Our vet knows our cat very well from all the visits (weekly in some cases). He initially had his first bath (using a shower head attachment in the bath so not a proper bath) at 16 weeks after he got particularly distressed and uncomfortable. We used a baby product which worked in an emergency but a long term solution was required. He still needs ‘a bath’ every so often to relieve any itching and this kitten/puppy shampoo is brilliant. It leaves the fur cleansed, squeaky clean & it’s gentle. The fur seems to dry faster and there is only a hint of a scent.  Regardless of all his health problems – he throws himself into life and all its adventures – even if it results in extra vet visits.


These are my personal experiences. I can’t guarantee whether you’ll experience the same thing with the products.

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