What is the MixEz sachet?

The MixEz sachet filled with the Organic Colour Systems hair colourant and developer to create the OCS sensitivity test sachet.

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Garnier Good Permanent Hair Dye Patch Test

How to do a patch test for the Garnier Good Permanent Hair Dye.

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MixEz & Organic Colour Systems

The first collaboration for MixEz is with the New Forest based hair dye manufacturer Organic Colour Systems (OCS).

The patented MixEz sachet is a self-contained way of holding premeasured colourant and developer separately, which can then be easily mixed within the sachet after the inner seal is broken ensuring that there is minimum mess and no unnecessary oxidisation of the product. The product formulation is by the same manufacturer that is used on the client, ensuring a comprehensive and accurate skin sensitivity test in an affordable way which can be easily used by salons and clients.

MixEz & Organic Colour Systems

The MixEz and Organic Colour Systems sachet

The easiest way of using the sachet is by rolling it up from the bottom and then squish the contents up.

If you would like to know more about MixEz, the press release or how you can use the MixEz sachet into your brand – send me an email at hello@mixez.co.uk.

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MixEz – British Beauty Blogger

Have a look at the review about the MixEz sachets from Jane Cunningham at British Beauty Blogger .

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What is MixEz?

MixEz is a patented delivery system in the form of a sachet. The sachet is a container with separate sealed compartments for different substances.

The sachet can be used for mixing together whatever the end user chooses. Whether it is the ingredients for epoxy resin, paints, seasonings, colours, salad dressings, conditioning treatments or even cocktails. The list is endless and the contents would be freshly mixed and ready to use.

The MixEz Sachet

More information is on the Intellectual Property page about the patents.

If you would like to know more or work with us please either contact me at hello@mixez.co.uk or on the contact page.

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The Raconteur & Patch Testing

A couple of weekends ago in The Raconteur special reports supplement, there was this article from the CTPA (Cosmetic, Toiletry & Perfumery Association) who started ‘The Facts About’ about patch testing. Read the whole thing here http://raconteur.net/lifestyle/be-safe-and-always-do-the-allergy-alert-test


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Hair Dye Allergy Reactions | September 2015

Hair Dye Allergy Reactions | September 2015

I can’t figure out everything about the future, although I worry a lot about it. However, I know I have the ability of making it easier to do a skin allergy patch test. One of the things I have done, is a independent survey about hair colourants and how many people do a patch test. Nearly half of people never do a patch test when using a home hair dye kit. Continue reading

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New Website

Welcome to the new website for MixEz.


This blog is help highlight the importance of performing a skin allergy patch test and how to do a patch test using different at home, hair dye brands.

colourant-and-developer-oli   45minutes-usa-loreal

Making a directory of salons who offer a skin allergy patch test.

I hope to share MixEz, the invention, in the coming months – to make patch testing easier to do.

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How to do a Patch Test using L’Oreal Excellence from USA

How to do a Patch Test using L’Oreal Excellence from USA

For this skin allergy patch test, I used a box dye which was purchase in the US. The biggest difference is that the patch test in the instructions is a 2 part. The colour which I had was 4G Dark Golden Brown (Warmer).


A small disclaimer – The photos used are of my arm. At the time I was taking some prescribed medication for migraines, hayfever nasal spray and over the counter antihistamines. I do get eczema, I have no tattoos, I have never smoked and I have never had any henna tattoos.

The test took no longer than 5 minutes to do and this includes mixing up the colourant and developer together, looking for more cotton buds and replacing the battery in my camera.

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Allergic Reaction – Salon – 13/05/2015

Warning – Graphic Images of an allergic reaction


Amy Caddick wanted to recreate the hair style of Kim Kardashian with dark brown at the roots and lighter tips. She went to a local salon but unfortunately, in the article it states she says the salon didn’t do a patch test and she had a severe allergic reaction where her head swelled.


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