MixEz & Organic Colour Systems

The first collaboration for MixEz is with the New Forest based hair dye manufacturer Organic Colour Systems (OCS).

The patented MixEz sachet is a self-contained way of holding premeasured colourant and developer separately, which can then be easily mixed within the sachet after the inner seal is broken ensuring that there is minimum mess and no unnecessary oxidisation of the product. The product formulation is by the same manufacturer that is used on the client, ensuring a comprehensive and accurate skin sensitivity test in an affordable way which can be easily used by salons and clients.

MixEz & Organic Colour Systems

The MixEz and Organic Colour Systems sachet

The easiest way of using the sachet is by rolling it up from the bottom and then squish the contents up.

If you would like to know more about MixEz, the press release or how you can use the MixEz sachet into your brand – send me an email at hello@mixez.co.uk.

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