How to do a 2 part Patch Test – Garnier Olia

How to do a 2 part Patch Test – Garnier Olia

A slightly different patch test – I used a different, vibrant colour and also did a hair strand test.

The instructions do say to just do a one part skin allergy patch test with the colourant. I would rather use the product as it would be on my head.
The product I chose was Olia by Garnier in Deep Violet 3.16. It contains no ammonia and it uses toulene 2,5 diamine. It has similar properties to PPD and can cause an allergic reaction.

I had seen on twitter several people had mentioned they were disappointed it hadn’t turned their hair a blue based violet tone as they expected.

A small disclaimer – The photos used are of my arm. At the time I was taking some prescribed medication for migraines, hayfever nasal spray and over the counter antihistamines Zirtek. I do get eczema, I have no tattoos, I have never smoked and I have never had any henna tattoos.


This took no longer than 5 minutes to do and it was warm : 20 degrees Celsius.

Using tube number 1 (in pink) first which was the developer, I squeezed a small amount of the white, thick liquid into the small container.


Then from tube number 2, the colourant which is a yellow cream. Carefully squeeze an equal amount out as the ratio is 1:1 (on the back of the developer tube).



Carefully mix together


then apply to the inner arm.


After a few moments it turned purply red.


After 5 minutes it was a darker colour.


After 45 minutes my arm looked like this, where I had moved my arm the dye had spread slightly.


I rinsed the remnants off with cool water as enough of the dye would have gone into my skin.


It looks like a bruise. But I’ll update this after 48 hours.

Edit:- After 48hours the staining had gone and the skin was clear.


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