MixEz – Hair and Safety at Home

There is nothing more important than your health and keeping it safe. I feel it is important to raise the awareness of patch testing whether it is before trying a new face cream or  before applying at home hair dye. Whether it is the hair on your head or facial hair. Men I’m looking at you! I’ve read the Just for Men thread about the state of your poor sore, weeping, faces. It is not pleasant reading but it is even worse to be on the receiving end of the reaction.

The hydrogen peroxide can burn your skin if you are not careful when handling the chemicals in the developer. Why apply it when mixed with other chemicals in the colourant to your head before trying a small patch on your arm or behind your ear?

Yes it takes 48 hours, yes it is a bit messy but it could be the difference between pain or no pain. Or in extreme cases life and death.

If you are having a reaction you will come up in contact dermatitis which is red, sore rash which weeps. It is also itchy. Always see a doctor immediately if this happens or if you are unsure.



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