Hair and Safety at the Salon

A skin/patch test should always be applied to any client regardless whether they are new or a loyal client. If a test is not carried out a salon and the hairdresser are neglecting their duty of care and could get sued and lose their reputation.

In short, safety first as it is not worth risking anyone’s health.

All hairdressers should be state registered with the The Hair Council  (was the Hairdressing Council) as the council regulates hairdressers and barbers. So far it is not enforced but it should be. It keeps hairdressers and barbers up to date with the latest trends, techniques and innovations.
It is not enforced at the moment but a state registered hairdresser or barber provides confidence.

If you are not offered a patch test – ask for one. If you are not given a patch test – ask for one or walk out. Always be polite.

HD Brows are brilliant for their patch tests.

It is exciting to see that so many salons are now showing their skin allergy test policy’s on their websites. Have a look at the salons who are currently doing this here. If you are looking for the skin allergy test policy, it is usually with the menu and pricing of the services that the salon provides.

During any consultation, a skin allergy patch test should be explained. If there isn’t any mention of one on the salons website, then contact them and ask them about it.
Usually the answer is that it is either explained in a free consultation or in a new client pack. If you are not sure contact the salon you want to visit.

In some case salons do offer a client to sign a Disclaimer instead of doing a skin test. I’m not happy about this opting out of doing something so quick but hopefully MixEz will change this.

Do let me know if you are a salon who do enforce skin allergy tests, where I can find them on your website or how you make your clients aware of a skin allergy test. I’m interested in brows, eyelash tinting and hair.


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