How to do a Skin Allergy Patch Test – Clairol

This is a how to do a patch test using both the Colour Blend – Bottle 1 (colourant) and Colour Activating Creme – Bottle 2 (developer) as instructed by Clairol for both UK and USA.

A small disclaimer – The photos used are of my arm. At the time I was taking some prescribed medication for migraines, hayfever nasal spray and over the counter antihistamines Zirtek. I do get eczema, I have no tattoos, I have never smoked and I have never had any henna tattoos.

This took no longer than 5 minutes to do.



First the colourant container, the colourant is a pale yellow liquid. Carefully poor out a small amount into a small container.


Depending on what hair dye you have picked (blonde, red or brunette) will depend on the ratio of colourant to developer you need to use. The ratios are in the instructions. The colour I used was Nice & Easy Natural Medium Brown Permanent Colour.



Undo the top of the developer bottle and carefully pour in the ratio of developer needed which should be about the same as the colourant. It is an opaque white liquid.

developer-bottle-open-clair colourant-developer-clairol

Mix together carefully, (the liquids combine to make a thicker consistency)


and then apply a 10p size onto the inner elbow or behind the ear with a cotton bud.


As there is a chemical reaction taking place (as there would be on the hair) the mixture will go darker which shows the PPD is oxidising.

30secs-clairol 3mins-clairol10mins-clairol

After 30-45minutes clean up the area with a damp cotton bud, as enough of the mixture will have absorbed into the skin. I had to removed the residue after 30 minutes as the smell of the mixture made me feel nauseous.


This is the area of skin after 24 hours and it is clear apart from the staining from the hair dye.


If there is any sign of redness, welts, soreness, contact your doctor immediately for medical advice and stop using the product.

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